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Catherine Soper
Public Affairs Manager

Port of Everett Crane Campaign: Follow the Journey Here!

Post Date:06/10/2019 2:25 PM

A fitting event on #nationalmaritimeday as the 1st leg of the journey to retrieve our cranes is complete. @FossMaritime arrived safely at the @PortofLA this morning. Loading and sea bracing of the 2 container cranes is on the agenda for the next 10 days. #GoBigGoEverett.

An image of the Foss Maritime Vessel the Michele Foss arriving in the Port of Los Angeles

One weld at a time. Crews are welding sea bracing onto the crane booms in preparation for the journey north. @FossMaritime @PortofLA #PortofEverett #GoBigGoEverett #CranesAreComing

An image from the ground looking up at the Port of Everett Container Crane.

Ready to roll! Early this morning, @fossmaritime positioned the barge in the channel, stern to dock, in preparation for the Port's first container crane to be loaded from dock to barge this afternoon at the @PortofLA. #GoBigGoEverett #CranesAreComing #PortofEverett

An image of the Michele Foss turning the barge into place so the cranes could be rolled on.

Here we go! #GoBigGoEverett #CranesAreComing #PortofEverett

An image showing the first container crane being prepped to roll on to the Foss Maritime Barge


Many wheels make light work. Each container crane weighs in at more than 2.4M lbs. It takes 320 tires to successfully move each crane onto the barge. @PortofLA @FossMaritime #PortofEverett #GoBigGoEverett #CranesAreComing

An image of a container crane being rolled onto the barge with an elaborate system of tires and dollys.

Loaded up! Over the weekend, both container cranes were successfully rolled onto the @fossmaritime barge at the @portofla. Next up, finish sea-fastening the cranes for the 1,177 nautical-mile journey to the #PortofEvererett. #GoBigGoEverett #CranesAreComing

An image showing the two container cranes on a barge and a ship passing them by in Los AngelesWelding the sea fastening of the cranes to the barge.An image showing the cranes being rolled onto the barge.

Final preparations are underway at the @PortofLA. @Fossmaritime is set to depart at 7 p.m. with the #PortofEverett container cranes in tow. Want to watch? Check out the live feed, .

An image showing the Foss Michele Foss being tied up to the barge getting ready to leave LA.

Bon Voyage! @Fossmaritime departed the @PortofLA last night with cranes and barge in tow. Here’s to smooth sailing for the next seven days. #GoBigGoEverett #CranesAreComing #PortofEverett

An image of two container cranes leaving the Port of Los Angeles on a Foss Barge

Curious about where the #PortofEverett cranes are? 411 nautical miles have been logged so far. Track their voyage here; . #GoBigGoEverett #CranesAreComing

The Foss Martiime barge with two container cranes on the open sea.

From the @PortofLA to the #PortofEverett, the 1,177-nautical mile journey for @FossMaritime is underway. ETA at the Port of Everett; June 6 – 8. #GoBigGoEverett #CranesAreComing

Click here to watch the route in action!

Did you know? The container cranes headed to the #PortofEverett weigh in at 2.4 million pounds apiece. That’s equivalent to 600 adult elephants! #GoBigGoEverett #CranesAreComing

An infographic comparing the weight of the container cranes to 600 adult elephants.

Want a front row seat to watch these container cranes pass by on their way to the #PortofEverett? We recommend @gocampcasey , @portofpt , @CityofMukilteo Lighthouse Park, Picnic Point Park, the Port's Edgewater Beach and Pigeon Creek Beach and Grand Avenue Park. #GoBigGoEverett

An image of the seaport cranes being towed by foss maritime.

10 days of work in 60 seconds. Thanks to the @PortofLA for capturing this time-lapse of @FossMaritime's arrival, load-out and departure with the #PortofEverett's two container cranes. #GoBigGoEverett #CranesAreComing

Click here to watch the timelapse

The Port’s Seaport Modernization allows the Port to handle larger vessels and heavier cargoes now calling Everett, including parts for the new 777X. The cranes will handle the oversized containers that arrive weekly from Japan, supporting this key role in aerospace logistics.

An infographic showing how tall the container cranes are compared to a 777X airplane

The @FossMaritime barge carrying the #PortofEverett Seaport’s two container cranes is almost the size of the field the @Seahawks play on. It measures 120 yards long by 40 yards wide! #GoBigGoEverett #CranesAreComing #GoHawks

An infographic showing the size of the barge carrying the two container cranes for the Port of Everett. It shows that the barge is almost the size of a football field.

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