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Catherine Soper
Public Affairs Manager

Shipping customers partnership means more ship calls for Port of Everett

Post Date:04/05/2006

Everett, Wash. - Beginning this month, two of the Port of Everett's major shipping lines will partner, creating 12 additional ship calls annually for the Port.

In late March, Eastern Car Liner (ECL) and FESCO Ocean Management Limited (FOML) entered into a vessel charter arrangement that calls for ECL to add two vessels to its fleet, in turn for FOML providing a monthly westbound service from Everett to the ports of Vladivostok, Korsakov and Busan/Masan Russia.

"This is a perfect partnership, because ECL is primarily an eastbound carrier, and FESCO is mostly westbound," said Carl Wollebek, director of marine terminals for the Port of Everett. "In addition to increasing business opportunities for the Port, this charter arrangement will also help bolster Everett's position as a leader in breakbulk cargoes in Puget Sound."

This summer, both ECL and FOML decided to use the Port of Everett as their Pacific Northwest shipping hubs. ECL, which is based in Japan, transports Boeing's empty aerospace containers from the Port of Everett to Nagoya and Hiroshima, Japan. FESCO uses the Port of Everett to transport cargoes to the Russian Far East. Both of these carriers specialize in breakbulk, project and containerized cargoes.

"These chartered vessels will be the backbone of enhanced westbound service to the Russian Far East," said Aspi Rostami, president of FOML. "Through this charter arrangement, both ECL and FOML will optimize their operations by utilizing these vessels from the Port of Everett in an economically efficient manner, while providing improved services to the shipping public."

"We are confident that this agreement makes the best use of the two companies' strong points," said Mark Nakagawa, ECL Americas' Pacific Northwest Regional Vice President. "This agreement also allows us to offer additional space to our customers."

With the new shipping business the Port of Everett has generated, it is expected to see more than 120 ships travel through the Port this year. While this isn't a historic high, it is definitely more annual ship calls than the Port has seen in the past 10 years, said John Mohr, executive director for the Port of Everett.

To make sure the Port is equipped with the proper facilities and equipment to accommodate this increased growth, the Port is embarking on a master planning process that will examine ways its marine terminals can best support these business opportunities. The master plan will allow the Port Commission to make informed decisions about how to use Port resources to promote maritime economic development and the optimal location of cargo handling equipment. To learn how to participate in this process, visit

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