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Catherine Soper
Public Affairs Manager

Port of Everett, City of Mukilteo enter an interlocal agreement for Quiet Zone

Post Date:02/08/2006

Everett, Wash. - The Port of Everett and the city of Mukilteo entered into an interlocal agreement on Feb. 6 that works toward the establishment of a railroad quiet zone designation in the vicinity of the Rail/Barge Transfer Facility site in south Everett.

By signing this agreement, it allows the Port of Everett to assist the city in applying for a quiet zone designation through the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) near the Mount Baker Avenue -- Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Mainline and Japanese Gulch spur grade crossings. Under federal law, the city must be the applicant in this process.

"This is a significant milestone in establishing a quiet zone for Mukilteo and south Everett residents," said John Mohr, executive director of the Port of Everett. "We are pleased with the Mukilteo City Council's decision to get this process started."

In December 2004, the Port reached an agreement with the Citizens for a Quality Mukilteo (CQM), agreeing to pay up to $600,000 for the anticipated costs of a Train Horn Quiet Zone near the Tank Farm property. The Port's sponsorship of the quiet zone was in exchange for the CQM withdrawing its appeal of the rail/barge shoreline permit. According to the settlement agreement, the Port can obtain contributions toward the $600,000 from other entities proposing major new developments in the area.

The Port's funding will help pay for the design, installation and permitting for the supplemental safety measures. The FRA and/or BNSF will determine whether a quiet zone is allowed in that area. The Port also reserved the right to assign credits for the advance noise mitigation to other parties conducting development on the Mukilteo Tank Farm site.

The implementation of the quiet zone will likely follow the start of the Mukilteo Sounder service.

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