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Catherine Soper
Public Affairs Manager

Quiet Zone Agreement

Citizens for a Quality Mukilteo & Port of Everett Reach Agreement on Quiet Zone

Post Date:12/28/2004

Contact: Scott Decker, Citizens for a Quality Mukilteo (425) 259-2222 John Mohr, Port of Everett (425) 259-3164

The Port of Everett and Citizens for a Quality Mukilteo (CQM) have reached an agreement under which the Port will guarantee payment for the anticipated costs of a Train Horn Quiet Zone on the Mukilteo waterfront.

Under the agreement, the Port will also put in place measures to control noise and other impacts from its proposed satellite rail/barge facility, and CQM, a group of citizens who reside close to the proposed facility, will withdraw its appeal of the Port project and environmental impact statement and not appeal future permits for the project.

"We think this is a fair settlement for the community and the Port, and it allows us to move forward as neighbors," said Port Executive Director John Mohr. "We had some unfortunate miscommunication in the final stages of developing this agreement, and we want to compliment CQM's good faith and constructive participation in the permit process."

The City of Mukilteo has indicated a willingness to sponsor a train horn quiet zone as allowed under federal law. The Port will guarantee the payment of costs associated with the creation of a Quiet Zone in the vicinity of the Mount Baker Avenue - BNSF Mainline and Mukilteo - Boeing Spur crossings up to $600,000. These funds will include, but not necessarily be limited to, paying for the design, and installation and permitting for the supplemental safety measures as defined by federal regulations that are necessary to create the Quiet Zone. The Port reserves the right to obtain contributions from other entities proposing major new developments in the area.

"We appreciate the Port's various commitments to do what is right for Mukilteo citizens and the broader public, especially in terms of noise control issues and public shoreline access," said Everett lawyer Scott Decker, a member of CQM.

On December 16, the City Hearing Examiner issued a decision recommending approval of the shoreline conditional use permit. The terms of the permit and settlement agreement between the Port and CQM establish numerous measures to control impacts during construction and operation of the pier facility. These include a "hotline" to address neighborhood concern during construction and measures to avoid traffic congestion during ferry loading/unloading in Mukilteo.

Construction on the facility is expected to commence in the spring of 2005, after the remaining permits are issued and the public construction bid process is completed.

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