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Yacht Clubs

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guest_docksThe Port of Everett has four yacht clubs based out of its marina: Everett Yacht Club, Mukilteo Yacht Club, Milltown Sailing Association and Dagmars Yacht Club.

Everett Yacht Club

This historic yacht club may have roots that go as far back as 1895. Their clubhouse is located at the end of 14th Street, stretching over the water. With weekly activities and exciting cruises, the Everett Yacht Club is a floating community.  For more information, a calendar of events, or application, go to the Everett Yacht Club website.

Mukilteo Yacht Club
Based out of the City of Mukilteo, they make their home the Port of Everett Marina. This social club always has many  cruises planned during the summer. They enjoy the time they have on their cruises to socialize and catch up with each other. They exchange information and fun ideas when they meet and on their website. For more information and a calendar of events visit their website.

Milltown Sailing Association
This group of boaters has a passion for sailing. Their clubhouse is currently located north of the Central Marina. The club works to support and promote all sailing activities and educate long-time and new sailors. Some of these enthusiastic sailors race and others sail leisurely. For more information and interesting links go to Milltown Sailing Association online.

Dagmars Yacht Club
Dagmars is a club for every kind of person and every kind of boat. With members ranging from young families to retired members of the community, Dagmars is a very diverse group.  This extremely mobile club finds itself constantly traveling the Puget Sound and Canadian waters. They are committed to cruising and pride themselves on the amount of travel. Members of Dagmars try to be responsible members of their club and the community. This active club loves to have fun and promotes boater safety. Go to The Dagmars Yacht Club website for more information.