Waterfront Place: Actively Marketing for Development

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Master Plan Graphic

General Description
The Port of Everett’s Waterfront Place Central development project is more than just a large scale real estate venture. The intent of the project is to provide jobs and access to the waterfront. The strategy is to unify the marina and surrounding property as one economic unit to create a sustainable and unique commercial, recreation and residential community. 

This new community is pedestrian-oriented and takes full advantage of its attractive waterfront and recreational boating setting. It also supports the final phases of the Port’s state-of-the-art regional boat sales and services center in the largest public marina on the West Coast.

When fully realized, the Waterfront Place Development is expected to support 2,075 family-wage jobs. The project’s private development will generate $8.6 million annually in state and local sales taxes; in addition to the temporary construction jobs, sales tax and building permit revenues.

Anticipated Project Investment
     - $71 million in public upland infrastructure ($20 million in first phase)
     - $544 million in private investment 

Public Amenities 
15 public gathering spaces, including:
     - 3.5 mile continuous walking/biking trail
     - 2 regional parks
     - 2 children’s playgrounds
     - 7 vistas; 4 with elevated viewpoints
     - 1 outdoor performing arts venue
     - 1 iconic clock tower
     - Multiple water features
     - City of Everett's Grand Avenue Park Bridge to connect downtown with the waterfront

Stores, Shops & Restaurants 
Restaurants: 6 eateries (Fisherman's Harbor) and a fine dining restaurant at the water’s edge (Phase II)
Hospitality: Waterfront hotels; 180 keys
Office & Commercial: 447,500 sq. ft.
Retail: 63,000 sq. ft. of retail space
Marine Retail: 20,000 sq. ft. of new marine retail

Up to 660 homes, which may include apartments, condos, townhomes or lofts with parking.

The Port is developing a plan to address and reinvest in the capital needs of the Marina, which will look at the docks, power, gatehouses, gangways and upland amenities. Waterfront Place Central Phase I includes plans for improved facilities for commercial fishermen.

Central Property
Developable Area: Approx. 65 acres
Port Upland Infrastructure Costs: Est. $71 million based on concept-level planning
Private Infrastructure Investment: The project generates $544 million in private investment at full build out
Master Developer: The Port of Everett is the master developer, with development partnerships achieved through land sales and leases
Timing & Development Interest: The project is entitled through the City of Everett. Construction on the first zone began in mid-2016
Density: Up to 1.5 million square feet mixed-use development
Housing: Up to 660 housing units are called for in the strategy; Interested? Contact 425.259.3164
Parking: This development strategy calls for up to 3,200 stalls of surface and structured parking at the fullest density
Environmental Cleanup: In partnership with the Department of Ecology, the Port of Everett is reviving and restoring 215 acres of property for economic use. A large portion of these cleanups are in the Waterfront Place, as the site was the epicenter of Everett’s milltown roots. After deliberate policy direction by the Port Commission, the project area is now primed for development.
Contact Us!
Project Questions: Lisa Lefeber, Director of Public Affairs | 425.388.0617 | E-mail
Business Interest: Terrie Battuello, Chief of Business Development | 425.388.0614 | E-mail


General Information

Waterfront Place Development Overview

Physical Conditions

     a. Vicinity and Regional Map
     b. Parcel Map
     c. Site Plan
     d. Geotechnical Data


     a. Development Agreement
     b. Allowed Uses
     c. Permits
               i. Shoreline Permit #1 (1/5/2006)
               ii. Shoreline Permit #1 Clarification
iii. Shoreline Permit #1, Revision (6/13/2016)
               iv. Shoreline Permit #2 (3/17/2006)
               v. Shoreline Permit #2 Clarification (3/17/2006)
               vi. SMP Amendment, Ord. 3445-15 (effective 9/27/2015) 
d. EIS and SEPA Amendment
               i. SEPA Environmental Checklist
List of Government Approvals or Permits
Waterfront Place Central Conceptual Site Plans
Summary of Proposed PDO Development Agreement Amendments
Site Legal Description
Site Vicinity Map
Site Area Aerial Photo
North Marina Redevelopment Project - 2005 Final Environmental Impact Statement 
                    (Due to size, document available upon request)
Waterfront Place Central Cleanup Status Summary
Waterfront Place Central Noise Analysis - 2014 Letter of Opinion
Waterfront Place Central View Impact Analysis
Parking Management Strategy
Waterfront Place Central Trip Generation, Parking Analysis and Level of Service Analysis
ii. Planned Development Overlay (PDO) MDNS, Sept 26, 2014


     a. Project Economic Impact
     b. Area Demographics
     c. Everett Lifestyle
               i. Schools/Professional Development
               ii. Transportation and Access
               iii. Arts and Culture

Public Works

     a. Utilities Master Design - 90%
     b. ROW Crossections
     c. Fire Access and Turning Movements
     d. Parking Studies & Traffic Analysis


     a. Guides to Place Names
     b. Public Amenities Summary
     c. Design Standards & Guidelines
     d. Supplemental Design Guidelines
     e. Design Elements 
     f. Design Tools
               i. SEPA Consistency Matrix
ii. Design Consistency Matrix

Visit www.waterfront-place.com for more information.

The Waterfront Place Central Development plan calls for up to 660 homes. Housing opportunities may include apartments, condos, townhomes or lofts with parking. 

Interested in housing? 

Click here to be added to our housing list. We will contact you about future housing opportunities within Waterfront Place as information becomes available. 


February 29, 2016: Port of Everett Seeks Qualifications for Business-Class Hotel at Waterfront Place

February 9, 2016: You're Invited! Waterfront Place Community Open House - March 24, 2016; 4-7 p.m.

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July 9, 2015: Port of Everett Releases Request for Qualifications for Housing Developers for Fisherman's Harbor

July 9, 2015: Port of Everett Unveils Conceptual Rendering of First New Building in Waterfront Place

July 2015: New Waterfront Place website launches - Check it out at www.waterfront-place.com

July 2015: Waterfront Place spread in the Port's Summer Port Side Newsletter

June 2015: The Port completed the final phase of the $8 million, multi-year environmental cleanup at the former Everett Shipyard site - the site where Fisherman's Harbor will come to life. The property is now ready for development. 

May/June 2015: North End Metro Feature: Everett Waterfront Plan 

April 2015: The new Waterfront Place Project Office opened at the Port's Waterfront Center, Suite 107.  

Feb. 10, 2015: Port of Everett Selects PND Engineering and Miller Hull to Lead Waterfront Place Central's Public Infrastructure Design

Feb. 10, 2015: Cord Media Hired for Marketing and Advertising Support for Port of Everett's Waterfront Place Development

Jan. 29, 2015: King 5 News: Everett Waterfront Development Finally on the Way  

Jan. 23, 2015: Everett City Council Approves Port of Everett's Waterfront Place Central Development

Dec. 16, 2014: The Everett Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval of the Port of Everett’s new Waterfront Place Central mixed use development. The project will now move on for Everett City Council review, scheduled Jan. 7, 14 and 21.

Nov. 20, 2014: Sign demonstration for Waterfront Place Central is scheduled for Nov. 20 from noon - 8 p.m. Click here to view notice with additional information.

Oct. 15, 2014: Snohomish County/Everett Tribune article: Future development of waterfront in the works

Sept. 30, 2014: Waterfront Place Central Open House & Entitlement Review. Click here for details.

Aug. 21, 2014: Marina Revitalization Kick-off event. Click here for more information.

June 25, 2015: Everett Herald article: Port of Everett renovation plan goes before City Council

June 23, 2014: Snohomish County/Everett Tribune article: Port of Everett waterfront development outlined

June 17, 2014: The Port of Everett Commission authorized staff to submit a formal application to the City of Everett to revise the development strategy. Click here for the full project submittal to the City of Everett