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Waterfront Place Developer Information

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Waterfront Place Development Overview

Physical Conditions

     a. Vicinity and Regional Map
     b. Parcel Map
     c. Site Plan
     d. Geotechnical Data


     a. Development Agreement
     b. Allowed Uses
     c. Permits
               i. Shoreline Permit #1 (1/5/2006)
               ii. Shoreline Permit #1 Clarification
iii. Shoreline Permit #1, Revision (6/13/2016)
               iv. Shoreline Permit #2 (3/17/2006)
               v. Shoreline Permit #2 Clarification (3/17/2006)
               vi. SMP Amendment, Ord. 3445-15 (effective 9/27/2015) 
d. EIS and SEPA Amendment
               i. SEPA Environmental Checklist
List of Government Approvals or Permits
Waterfront Place Central Conceptual Site Plans
Summary of Proposed PDO Development Agreement Amendments
Site Legal Description
Site Vicinity Map
Site Area Aerial Photo
North Marina Redevelopment Project - 2005 Final Environmental Impact Statement 
                    (Due to size, document available upon request)
Waterfront Place Central Cleanup Status Summary
Waterfront Place Central Noise Analysis - 2014 Letter of Opinion
Waterfront Place Central View Impact Analysis
Parking Management Strategy
Waterfront Place Central Trip Generation, Parking Analysis and Level of Service Analysis
ii. Planned Development Overlay (PDO) MDNS, Sept 26, 2014


     a. Project Economic Impact
     b. Area Demographics
     c. Everett Lifestyle
               i. Schools/Professional Development
               ii. Transportation and Access
               iii. Arts and Culture

Public Works

     a. Utilities Master Design - 90%
     b. ROW Crossections
     c. Fire Access and Turning Movements
     d. Parking Studies & Traffic Analysis


     a. Guides to Place Names
     b. Public Amenities Summary
     c. Design Standards & Guidelines
     d. Supplemental Design Guidelines
     e. Design Elements 
     f. Design Tools
               i. SEPA Consistency Matrix
ii. Design Consistency Matrix

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