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Pier 3 North/South

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Pier 3 is one of two finger piers at the Port of Everett Seaport, offering ship berths of 650-feet on each side, with a total usable berth length of 1,300 feet. The pier accommodates general, breakbulk and project cargoes, forest products and bulk cement handling.


  • Two usable berths with lengths of 650 feet (198 meters) on each side
  • Depth at pier -40 MLLW (-12 meters)
  • 120 feet X 750 apron (37 X 229 meters)
  • Paved concrete deck and piling
  • 15 acres paved and lighted yard space
  • 55,000-ton bulk cement storage dome (currently leased)
Pier 3 at the Port of Everett