The Port of Everett continues to operate under its current Emergency Operations status through April 8. For more information, visit


Longshoremen & Stevedores

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Longshoremen hook up logs at the Port of Everett Seaport The Port of Everett is fortunate to have a highly skilled longshore labor force that is able to handle the growth at the Port of Everett, and handle a diverse mix of cargo.

International Longshoremen’s Warehouse Union (ILWU)

The ILWU Local 32, 98 and 52 serve the Port of Everett. Click here for contact information.

Two well-known stevedoring companies, Jones Stevedoring and Stevedoring Services of America (SSA), serve the Port of Everett regularly. 

Jones Stevedoring

Jones Stevedoring Company was founded in 1858, and today Jones Stevedoring Company is present in every U.S. North Pacific port under the direction and leadership of Clayton R. Jones III. The family dedication to providing superior quality service along with their commitment to leadership in cargo handling and transportation logistics continues unabated and stronger than ever. 

SSA Pacific

Stevedoring Services of America started in 1949, and today, SSA Pacific and its affiliates operate more cargo terminals than any other company in the world. The operations and its diversity of cargo, volumes and commercial models and ports are unprecedented in the industry. SSA Pacific is committed to ensure the size and tremendous network of resources continue to add value for our customers.