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Ocean Carriers, Barge Operators & Tenants

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Shipping Partners

Westwood Shipping Lines: Westwood Shipping Lines stands apart from the other transpacific carriers. Their personal approach to customer service and versatile state-of-the-art vessels combine with reliable shipping schedules and cargo handling capabilities to safely transport goods. Serving customers in more than 20 ports in Japan, Korea, China and North America with a fixed-day, weekly sailing schedule, Westwood provides predictable, on-time transportation alternatives for forest products, containerized and oversized cargo.
The Westwood Cascade vessel at the Port of Everett Seaport.  
Far Eastern Shipping Company: FESCO Agencies N.A. is the exclusive North American agent of the Far Eastern Shipping Company (FESCO), the largest privatized commercial fleet in Russia. As an American-Russian joint venture company, FESCO Agencies combines unique, firsthand knowledge of today's Russian market with seagoing experience and North American service standards. In North America, FESCO Agencies' intermodal connections extend to the East Coast, Midwest, Gulf States and Eastern Canada. 
A tractor being loaded onto a FESCO ship at the Port of Everett Seaport.
SASCO: The main Russian domestic carrier doing shipping business since 1945; today SASCO is performing approximately 60 percent of all Russian domestic sea carriages in the Pacific. SASCO remains one of the major export and import cargo carriers on the Russian Far East. SASCO vessels have visited virtually every port in the Asian-Pacific Region. SASCO offers year round service to Magadan, Petrovpavlovsk Kamchatski and Korsakov from Vladivostok, Vanino and Nakhodka connecting US Ports via Shanghai and Busan. SASCO is rated #97 by Alphaliner top100.   SASCO ship at the Port of Everett Seaport.
Eastern Car Liner: ECL operates more than 80 services a month from Japan to other Asia-Pacific countries, as well as those from other countries to Japan, and cross trade in the region. As a transportation service  equipped to meet a broad range of distribution requirements, these services range from automobiles and trucks to bulldozers and other heavy vehicles, electric locomotives, subway carriages and other rolling stock. It also includes power equipment, oil refinery equipment, automobile production equipment and other large project cargoes as well as forest products, all types of general cargo and parts in small lots.   ECL ship Asian Naga at the Port of Everett Seaport
EUKOR: EUKOR is one of the world’s largest shipping companies specializing in transporting automobiles and other rolling cargo. The company delivers tailor-made ocean transportation of the highest quality for vehicles as well as static units. Its base is the export of Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors from their plants in Korea and around the world, but it also serves most of the other global automotive leaders. Tractors loading a EUKOR ship at the Port of Everett Seaport.
Hyundai Glovis, Ltd.: Hyundai Glovis Co. ,Ltd. is a relatively young global logistics company. The ocean carrier specializes in rolling and breakbulk cargoes. Making an entry into the shipping industry in 2010, the group has its own fleet of Car Carriers and Bulk Carriers. Hyundai Glovis operates 30 mid- to large- size Pure Car and Truck Carriers and Pure Car Carriers and the transporting volume reached 1 million Car Equivalent Unit in 2010.  Glovis ship leaving the Port of Everett Seaport.
Austral Asia Line: Austral Asia Line (AAL) is a leading ocean transport operator in the Asia-Pacific region that caters for the specific needs of the breakbulk, heavy-lift and project cargo industry. AAL currently operates a network of liner and tramp services in the Asia and Oceania region and in wider geographies such as Europe and the Americas.  Austial Asia Line Ship at the Port of Everett Seaport
Swire Shipping: Swire Shipping is liner shipping subsidiary of The China Navigation Company Pte Ltd (CNCo), headquartered in Singapore. Swire Shipping has provided niche, regional, multipurpose shipping services since 1883, when CNCo established liner services in Australasia. Swire Shipping offers shipping links between more than 130 ports in Asia, the Pacific Islands, Australia, New Zealand, North America, Europe, the Middle East and the Indian Sub Continent.   A Swire shipping vessel docked at the Port of Everett Seaport.



Dunlap Towing:Dunlap Towing Company is a family owned corporation that has been in the marine transportation business since 1925. Based in LaConner, Washington, Dunlap Towing has steadily grown into an operation of 25 tugboats, seven barges and more than 225 employees. In addition to its corporate office in LaConner, Dunlap has offices in Everett.                                                                 Dunlap Towing tugboat pushing logs at the Port of Everett.
Lehigh Northwest Cement Company:Lehigh Cement Company and its associated companies manufacture cement, concrete and construction materials. Lehigh has served the construction industry in North America for more than 100 years as a producer of high quality Portland, blended and specialty cements. Lehigh’s reputation has been built on exemplary technical expertise, customer service and community involvement. The Lehigh Northwest Cement Division serves our customers in the Pacific Northwest region. 

Lehigh will have preferential use of Pier 3 South.
 Lehigh Cement operates at the Port of Everett dome.