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Our History

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Port of Everett's First 100 years photo collage.

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The Port of Everett has been a thriving seaport on Port Gardner Bay since 1918.  Native Americans of the Snohomish Tribe first inhabited the bay, but later relocated to the Tulalip Indian Reservation. Homesteads brought settlers to the area soon after, who were looking to turn the area’s natural resources into profit. Rapid business growth and the increasing need for goods made the citizens’ decision to create the Port of Everett in 1918 vital. A.D. McAdam, C.W. Miley, and Albert Burke were elected the first commissioners of the Port of Everett. Their terms were set to last until Dec. 31, 1919, unlike today’s commissioners who serve six-year terms.

The Port of Everett owns and operates eight shipping terminals, a marina, and industrial and commercial real estate. The seaport enables the Port to have a central role in the area’s economic development. Over the years, the Port has imported and exported many different types of cargo. In addition to the forest industry, the Port’s close relationship and support of the aerospace industry has contributed to a substantial amount of this cargo.

With the completion of the North Docks in 2008, Everett is home to the largest public marina on the West Coast with 2,300 slips. The initial marina operations were constructed in two phases between the mid 1960s and ‘80s and were used to support a once thriving fishing industry in the city. The marina used to be between piers 1 and 3 in what is now the Port’s shipping terminals. A major change in the character of Everett’s waterfront took place in 1987, when the Port sold approximately 110 acres of land for the Everett Navy Homeport. The sale generated $40 million for the Port to create opportunity for future economic development.

Another unique property owned by the Port of Everett is Jetty Island, a man-made island composed of dredge sands. The Port gained ownership of Jetty Island in 1929, and a new marsh was built on the west side of the island in 1989. The Jetty is known for its warm, shallow waters and its popularity during summer months.