The Port of Everett continues to operate under its current Emergency Operations status. For more information, visit


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Hagglund, PaulMarine Terminals Customer Service ManagerSeaport(425) 258-8102
Administration OfficeAdministration(425) 259-3164
Madura, EdSecurity Director - FSOSeaport(425) 259-5428
Bisset, Ashley Administrative Assistant Administration(425) 388-0602
LeMieux, Adam Government Affairs ManagerAdministration(425) 388-0603
Gerking, ErikDirector of Environmental ProgramsAdministration, Environment(425) 388-0604
Lee, MikeNetwork AdministratorAdministration(425) 388-0605
Lampinen, MaijaProcurement & Contracts AdministratorAdministration(425) 388-0606
Marion, RobertController/MIS ManagerFinance(425) 388-0611
Whitaker, Brandon Waterfront Place Project ManagerReal Estate(425) 388-0613
Battuello, TerrieChief of Business DevelopmentReal Estate(425) 388-0614
Lefeber, LisaCEO/Executive DirectorAdministration(425) 388-0617
Mitchell, TamiContracts and Claims Specialist Administration(425) 388-0618
Shanks, KimMarine Terminal Accounts Coordinator & Admin. AssistantSeaport(425) 388-0619
Dean, AlexisExecutive Administrative Assistant Administration(425) 388-0621
Wollebek, CarlChief Operating OfficerSeaport(425) 388-0622
Russell, EricChief Finance OfficerAdministration(425) 388-0624
Simpson, David Port Commissioner, District 1Port Commission(425) 388-0625
Stiger, TomPort Commissioner, District 2Port Commission(425) 388-0625
Bachman, Glen Port Commissioner, District 3Port Commission(425) 388-0625