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Port Plans

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Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvements
The Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvements (required by RCW 53.20.010) provides an overall strategy for Port of Everett development activities. Revisions to the Comprehensive Scheme are addressed through an amendment process embodied in formal resolutions. The updated Comprehensive Scheme includes a proposed Marine Terminal Development Program (see Appendix C), which addresses near-, mid- and long-term development of Port deep-water marine terminal properties and facilities, and is intended to help implement the Port of Everett's Strategic Plan and its responsibilities under state law. The Proposed Action also includes development of environmental guidelines, which will be used to guide future development projects. A number of related planning efforts and mitigation programs are also described in the Environmental Impact Statement to assist the reader in understanding the Port's planning process. No specific development projects are included in the Proposed Action.

Strategic Plan
The Port of Everett's Strategic Plan is a two-to three-year set of goals and objectives adopted by the Port Commission, which guides decisions about Port activities and operations. The Strategic Plan is an important element of the Port’s overall Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvements. The goals and objectives of the Strategic Plan are reviewed for the Port’s operating budget and capital improvements.

Marine Terminals Master Plan
The Port of Everett is beginning its marine terminals master plan. This plan will evaluate current and future maritime business opportunities and examine ways its marine terminals can best support these opportunities. The plan will help the Port Commission make informed decisions about how to use Port resources to promote maritime economic development.

Waterfront Place Central Development Plan
The Port of Everett’s Waterfront Place Central development project is more than just a large scale real estate venture. The intent of the project is to unify the marina and surrounding property as one economic unit to create a sustainable and unique commercial, recreation and residential community. This new community is pedestrian-oriented and takes full advantage of its attractive waterfront and recreational boating setting. It also supports the final phases of the Port’s state-of-the-art regional boat sales and services center in the state’s largest marina. When fully realized, the Waterfront Place Development is expected to generate 2,075 family-wage jobs. The project’s private development will generate $8.6 million annually in state and local sales taxes; in addition to the temporary construction jobs, sales tax and building permit revenues.

Riverside Business Park Master Plan
The Riverside Business Park Master Plan provides for redevelopment of the old Weyerhaeuser Everett East lumber processing site into a 78-acre business park with industrial, warehousing and manufacturing space.

Jetty Island Management Plan
The Jetty Island Management Plan provides a framework to appropriately manage the recreational opportunities for the public, while also preserving and enhancing the island’s natural resources.

Boating Facilities & Public Access Plan 
The Port of Everett Boating and Public Facilities Plan serves as a policy framework guiding the Port Commission in the provision of boating and public access facilities and to aid in the pursuit of grant funding. The Plan is not intended to limit the Port exclusively to the specific projects listed in the plan. Should opportunities arise which further the objectives of this plan, the Port may choose to pursue those opportunities. Generally, a thorough review of the plan is reviewed every five to six years to ensure the Plan remains current and reflects the Port District’s needs. (Updated in February 2012)

City of Everett Shoreline Public Access Plan