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FAST LANE GRANT: South Terminal Intermodal Modernization Project

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A Multimodal Project of Regional & National Significance

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The Port of Everett’s South Terminal Intermodal Modernization Project is a stand-alone project that creates independent utility to meet current and future multi-modal freight shipping needs of the region and nation.

This project allows the Port to efficiently and safely serve larger vessels that are currently being chartered by our eight shipping lines, in particular Panamax class ships carrying containerized aerospace cargo. Most notably, the Port of Everett serves as an extension of the aerospace manufacturing process, and plays a critical role in the just-in-time-delivery schedule.  It transports ALL the oversized parts for the 747, 767 (military and commercial), 777, K-C46 Tanker and soon to be 777X airplane programs. It also serve as a backup facility to the 787 Dreamliner. 

Watch the Port's role in the aerospace logistics chain in a short video -- CLICK HERE.

This project is necessary for the Port to meet the heavier containers being used to transport the airplane parts for the new Boeing 777X program and other breakbulk export cargoes that utilize port facilities. The wharf strengthening is needed for the intermodal transfer of goods from ship to shore, and the rail infrastructure is needed to stage the cargo for transport to the inland states without creating congestion on the BNSF mainline to the Midwest.

The funds will be used to modernize the Port’s South Terminal in Everett, WA by strengthening the terminal to provide for intermodal transfer of cargo and adding on-dock rail to handle heavier loads being shipped on larger ships.  The larger ships are anticipated off load more cargo at the Port than in the past.  Thus, the on-dock rail facility will be used to move the additional cargo volume by rail instead of adding truck congestion to the local/ regional roads and highways. 

The project will improve transportation choices for freight and improve the mobility of the local and regional population. The on-dock rail facility allows cargo to be unloaded from the larger ships that are starting to berth at the Port in 2016. The cargo can be placed directly onto rail within the terminal.  The cargo is then dispatched to its inland destination, with minimal disruptions to the local road and rail network.  This rail option provides shippers with a cost effective transportation option not currently available at the South Terminal.

The project includes:

  • Strengthening 560-feet of dock and installing crane rail to create a 700 foot modern berth, additional Roll-on/Roll-off cargo berthing capacity that allows for the intermodal transfer of goods from ship to shore in support of the local aerospace industry, as well other industries that serve the global marketplace. In 2015, the Port completed Project I of this dock strengthening project, to construct a “heavy-lift” section on a 140X110 square foot area at the north end of the wharf.

  • Extending new high voltage power systems into the Port’s existing South Terminal to provide power and equipment to allow shipping vessels to “cold iron” while at berth.  

  • Constructing approximately 3,300 lineal feet of additional rail sidings to increase on-site storage from 46 cars to a total of 106 cars.

  • Constructing a new warehouse to support intermodal cargo movement at the South Terminal.

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