Historic Weyerhaeuser Building Relocation

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Everett's iconic waterfront structure on the move once again

Project Quick Facts 

Project Budget:

     - 2016: $1.1M

Timeline: March - September 2016

Project Status Report:

Work Completed to Date:

  • Project planning and design
  • Competitive procurement process; Request for Bids (March 2015)
  • Port Commission award of move and foundation contract to Nickel Brothers (April 2016)

Next Steps:

  • Site, relocation route and building move preparation (currently underway)
  • Relocation of the historic structure from the Port's South Marina to Boxcar Park (anticipated for mid-July 2016)

Project Location:

Weyerhaeuser Project Page Location Map

Weyerhaeuser Relocation Route

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Project Contact:
Brandon Whitaker

Waterfront Place Project Manager
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Quick Links:

June 2016: Project Update/Construction Newsletter

April 2016: Port of Everett Commission awards contract to Nickel Brothers to relocate historic Weyerhaeuser Building to Boxcar Park

Project Fact Sheet


About the Project

In Summer 2016, the historic Weyerhaeuser Building built in 1923 will be on the move once again; this time to become a vital element of the Port of Everett’s Waterfront Place Central mixed-use development

The iconic building is the featured attraction at the new Boxcar Park, located within the Esplanade District at the water’s edge. Considered a jewel of the development, this relocation brings history to life, re-opening the building for community use in the 2020 timeframe. The plan calls to utilize the historic structure as a marina clubhouse and a new outdoor performance venue. Special formal plantings that recall the historic landscape of the 1920s will frame the Weyerhaeuser Muse at the site. 

On April 19, the Port Commission awarded a nearly $1.1 million contract to Everett-based Nickel Brothers to relocate the iconic building from its current location in the Port of Everett South Marina to the Port’s new Boxcar Park. The contract includes:

  • Relocation of the 80-foot by 65-foot, 350-ton structure to its new location at Boxcar Park 
    (less than one mile) with foundation establishment
  • Re-stabilize the building’s current pad for 
    future development
  • Providing move route modifications to 
    utilities, landscaping and structures
  • Demolishing an existing steel storage building near Boxcar Park
  • Moving the mobile restroom facility next to Guest Dock 6, and
  • Performing site repairs and improvements related to the projects move impact.

Unlike previous moves for the building, this move will take place by land instead of by water, and will occur at night. The project site and relocation route will be secured. Those wishing to observe the move are directed to Grand Avenue Park on the bluff above the Port of Everett Marina. The Port will photo document the move and those photos will be made available to the public.

The project timeline ensures that the building move does not conflict with construction at Fisherman’s Harbor (the first phase of Waterfront Place Central), anticipated to begin in mid-2016. It also allows the Port to avoid a height clearance conflict related to the future construction of the City’s Grand Avenue Park Bridge expected to begin construction in the late-2016/early-2017.

Project Benefits


Because of the Weyerhaeuser Building’s prominence and significance in the history of Everett, the Port’s gesture of putting it in an important public gathering space is an important factor in the City’s Development Agreement. This project answers the goals expressed by the community in 2005:

  • Providing more public space
  • Honoring the waterfront's industrial history

“We’re bringing the building’s history back to life, returning it to its Milltown roots,” Port Commission President Glen Bachman said.

“Honoring the building in a public venue infused with its lumber and shingle past will not only provide an opportunity to keep Everett’s Milltown history alive for years to come, but also support the Port Commission’s capital initiative of creating a waterfront community,” he said. “Public input called for more high-quality public spaces and a performance venue in the new development, and what better way to provide that to the community than by making positive use of this historic asset.”

Further, this relocation is a major element of the Port's $330 million, mixed-use development project known as Waterfront Place Central. The Port's development project is more than just a large scale real estate venture. The intent of the project is to provide jobs and access to the waterfront. The strategy is to unify the marina and surrounding property as one economic unit to create a sustainable and unique commercial, recreation and residential community. 

When fully realized, the Waterfront Place Development is expected to support 2,075 family-wage jobs. The project’s private development will generate $8.6 million annually in state and local sales taxes; in addition to the temporary construction jobs, sales tax and building permit revenues.