South Terminal Berth Improvements/ Mill-A Interim Action Dredging

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Project Title 
South Terminal Berth Improvements/ Mill-A Interim Action Dredging 

Strategic Initiative
Port Initiative 1: Seaport Modernization

Project Location Map 
Aerial view and rendering of the Port of Everett's South Terminal Modernization Project

In response to customer needs, the Port is currently designing and permitting a project that will deepen and widen its South Terminal berth to accommodate an approximate 950-ft ship, up from an approximate 700-ft ship. The project involves conducting a maintenance dredge (the first maintenance dredging in this area since the late 1970s) to increase depths from about -37-ft mean lower low water (MLLW) to -40-ft MLLW; installing large bumpers on the wharf to help position the ships into deeper water; installing two new dolphins to the south of the wharf to tie up the ships as they extend to the south; and environmental mitigation to compensate for the maintenance and new infrastructure.  Specifically, the project contains the following items:

Infrastructure Improvements:

  • Two new dolphins (15-ft diameter) will be installed to the south of South Terminal to allow for moorage of larger ships. The dolphins will be connected by grated aluminum catwalks.
  • Five pneumatic bumpers (15-ft diameter) and associated fender reaction system will be attached to the South Terminal Wharf for the purpose of mooring the ships in deeper water which will result in reduce dredge volumes.
  • New mooring hardware on the South Terminal Dolphin Pier


  • The maintenance dredging will achieve -40-ft MLLW depth and will accommodate an approximate 950-ft ship, up from -38-ft MLLW and an approximate 700-ft ship.
  • Approximately 26,000 cubic yards will be dredged. The dredge material is being characterized for its suitability for open water disposal, however, approximately 20% to 30% of this material is anticipated to be contaminated and not suitable for open water disposal.
  • The contaminated portion of dredging will be removed under an agreement with the Department of Ecology.

Desired Outcome
See above

Construction Fall 2019 – Spring 2020

Project Cost 
$8 million

Project Manager
Erik Gerking 

Planner: Laura Gurley
Staff Planner