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Terminal Rail Upgrades Phase II

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Project Title 
Terminal Rail Upgrades Phase II

Strategic Initiative
Port Initiative 1: Seaport Modernization

Terminal Rail Upgrades Phase 2 connected two new railroad sidings, with a combined length of approximately 3,300 track feet. The project was designed to increase the Port’s railroad capacity by 60 cars and help alleviate mainline track congestion by decreasing needed levels of switching. It is consistent with the 2008 Marine Terminals Master Plan and part of the Seaport Modernization Initiative.

Desired Outcome
This tandem terminal rail siding project more than doubles the operational capacity at the Port of Everett, increasing the on-site storage from 46 cars to a total of 106 cars. This provides the capacity necessary to support enhanced rail operations and reduce congestion and delays on the mainline.

The project was fully completed in August 2018.

Project Cost 
$4,710,000 total project budget.

Project Manager
John Klekotka, P.E.
Chief of Engineering and Planning

Port of Everett Seaport Rail Line at the South Terminal