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Central Marina Improvements - Phase 2

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Project Quick Facts

Project Budget:

     - 2015/2016: $5.2M

Timeline: September 2015 - April 2016

Project Location:

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CMI Diagram

Project Contact:

Brandon Whitaker
Waterfront Place Project Manager
Phone: 425.388.0613 | E-mail

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July 2015: Port of Everett Embarks on $5.2 Million Central Marina Improvements Project

Marina Recapitalization Plan

About the Project

The Port of Everett has embarked on a $5.2 million project to complete the second phase of its Central Marina Improvements. This major marine infrastructure project is located in the northeast corner of the Port of Everett’s Central Marina, near 14th Street and West Marine View Drive. Construction activity will kick-off in September 2015 and conclude by the close of the in-water work window on February 15, 2016.

Specifically, the work includes:

  • Demolition of existing Central Marina I-Dock, O-Dock, and a portion of P-Dock
  • New Central I-Dock and utility/service upgrades
  • Boathouse realignment with temporary and final relocation
  • East Marina Bulkhead Replacement: Segment C, approximately 450 linear feet of new bulkhead and adjacent interim public access path and railing system continuation 

The first phase of Central Marina Improvements were completed in conjunction with the Port’s Everett Shipyard environmental cleanup project, which wrapped up in June 2015 and included removal of aging marine infrastructure and reconstruction of Segments A and B of the bulkhead. Central Marina Improvements - Phase 2 is a continuation of the project that will dovetail with future upland development as part of the Port’s Waterfront Place Central Development.

Project Benefits

These permitted marina improvements are part of the Port’s phased Marina Recapitalization Plan to renovate its marina facilities over the next 30 years. The multi-year recapitalization identifies and priorities necessary upgrades throughout the marina to be implemented in the most efficient and cost effective manner. These upgrades are necessary to ensure the Port of Everett Marina continues to be an operating asset that meets current and future market demands. 

Recapitalization in this portion of the Central Marina basin, specifically construction of Segment C of the bulkhead, is also a major requirement for constructing Fisherman’s Harbor. Fisherman’s Harbor is the first phase of the Port’s large-scale development known as Waterfront Place Central. It is located on the 5.56 acres fronting the Central Marina along to West Marine View Drive.

This district will be a year-round hub of activity that includes 204 apartment units, 120 room hotel, five commercial buildings and numerous retail and waterfront restaurant spaces. The key public features of this area include: a continuous public trail, floating activity barges, a dock walk for visitors to get down to touch the water, a large park that will pay tribute to our international seaport, and a small boat course. At full build out, Fisherman’s Harbor is expected to create 887 jobs, and generate approximately $3.77 million in state and local taxes.

Status Report 

Work Completed to Date:

  • Project planning and design
  • Competitive procurement process (Request for Proposals)
  • Communication and coordination with affected marina tenants (ongoing throughout the project)
  • Port Commission award of construction contract to Bergerson Construction (July 7, 2015)
  • All of the in-water work completed by February 15, 2016

Next Steps:

  • Construction of project (September 2015 - June 2016)
    NOTE: In-water work will conclude by the end of the in-water work window on February 15, 2016