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Puget Sound Initiative: South Terminal Mill A

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An integrated approach to environmental remediation and economic development

Project Quick Facts

Project Budget:

     - 2015: Approximately $1.25M
     - 2016/2017: Approximately $7M

Project Funding: Port of Everett, Ecology, Weyerhaeuser 

Timeline: Present - 2022

Project Location:

MillA Locaiton Map

Project Contact:

Erik Gerking, L.G., PMP
Director of Environmental Programs
Phone: 425.388.0604 | E-mail

Quick Links:

March 18, 2015: Mill-A Cleanup/Terminal Expansion Project Update Presentation to the Port Commission 

Port of Everett Marine Terminal Master Plan

About the Project

Under an Agreed Order with the Department of Ecology (Ecology), the Port of Everett has been working to investigate potential contamination in the upland soils and in-water sediments of the South Terminal Mill A site related to former industrial operations conducted on the property. The site was formerly used by Weyerhaeuser for operation of a large scale pulp and paper mill (known as Mill-A), which covers the southern portion of the Port of Everett Seaport.

With the support of Ecology and other legacy partners, the Port of Everett has elected to proceed with a cleanup alternative that bridges the gap between two major projects slated for the South Terminal site – environmental cleanup and future terminal expansion. This alternative allows the Port to integrate the required environmental cleanup actions for the site with the Port of Everett Commission’s direction to plan for and construct a minimum of 1,000 foot berths by 2020.

The chosen project path will provide a phased approach with Interim Cleanup Actions, including dredging, planned for 2016/2017, and further actions in 2019/2020 to complete required cleanup work and construction for the South Terminal expansion.  

Cleanup Benefits

The Port of Everett Seaport is a critical economic asset to the region. Everett’s Customs District ranks first in Washington State (4th on the U.S. West Coast) in export value at $22.7 billion annually. The Seaport is also a major job creator, supporting nearly 34,000 jobs in the community. 

This project is a great example of how business and environmental remediation can work together to create better performing assets for operations and the environment. Cleanup of this property will improve the environmental quality of Port Gardner Bay, create a safer seaport facility for the future and remediate contaminated sediments at the site. This work is needed to support the Port’s current customer mix, compete for new business and implement the Port of Everett Marine Terminal Master Plan.

The project provides immediate employment opportunities throughout the planning and construction phases, estimated at 25 construction jobs for every million dollars put into infrastructure improvements. 

Status Report

Mill A Status Bar_May 2015 

Work Completed to Date:

  • Conducted an independent site characterization testing (2010)
  • Preparation of RI/FS for public comment
  • Completed Environmental Documents:
    Conducted independently by Port
       - Stage 1 Technical Characterization Work Plan
       - Stage 1 Technical Characterization Results
    Under a Department of Ecology Agreed Order
       - Ecology Review Draft RI/FS Work Plan
    Interim Cleanup Action
       - SEPA Mitigated Determination of Non-Significance 

Public Comment Opportunity (NOW CLOSED): 

Next Steps:

  • Under an Ecology Agreed Order, and working with two other potentially liable parties (Weyerhaeuser and Department of Natural Resources), develop a RI/FS and Draft Cleanup Action Plan
  • Secure a remedial action grant through the State legislation