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S. Marina Lift Station & Grease Interceptor

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Project Title 
S. Marina Lift Station & Grease Interceptor

Strategic Initiative
#5 - Develop Sustainable Marina Operations Strategic 

Project Location Map 
An aerial view of the South Marina Lift Station and Grease Interceptor at the Port of Everett.

This project replaces the existing S. Marina sanitary sewer lift station which was originally installed circa 1980. It also replaces an undersized grease interceptor serving the Woodfire Restaurant in Marina Village. The lift station serves Marina Village and the former Marina office building in the South Marina. The lift station is obsolete and requires an inordinate amount of maintenance work to keep running. The lift station wet well also leaks, allowing groundwater to infiltrate. This work is needed to replace worn infrastructure assets where continued maintenance of these assets is no longer financially sound. Some of the project costs were recovered as part of the Port’s buy-back of the Marina Village ground lease.

Desired Outcome
A fully functional South Marina sanitary system will maintain the district for our tenants and visitors, ensuring full use of the South Marina’s commercial district with sanitary conditions, and reducing staff time for maintenance of what has become an antiquated system.

Study and design work began in 2015. The project was advertised for bids in August 2018 and construction should be completed by June 2019.

Project Cost 

Project Manager
John Klekotka, P.E.
Chief of Engineering and Planning