Remediating Historic Contamination
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Remediating Historic Contamination

Puget Sound initiative
The Puget Sound Initiative was established in 2007 by former Washington state governor Christine Gregoire with the goal of restoring the health of Puget Sound. The initiative facilitates cleanup of waterfront properties through the state’s Model Toxics Control Act regulated by the Department of Ecology. Port Gardner Bay was identified by the Department of Ecology as a priority bay that should be addressed under the initiative. Significant state funds have been and will continue to be dedicated to cleanup efforts.

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Cleaning Up the Port of Everett Waterfront
The Port of Everett has taken a strategic approach to aggressively pursue the cleanup of its properties, as a key component of its economic development and revitalization plan for the waterfront — facilitating jobs, public access and a clean environment. As the initiative has progressed, the Port of Everett has strategically initiated cleanup of more than 215 acres of waterfront property.

The Port Commission is committed to environmental cleanup efforts and has taken an aggressive approach, stating: 

“It is in the best interest of the community and the Port to turn these brownfield sites into economic assets, which is why we have taken an aggressive approach to our environmental cleanups. These cleanups don’t get less expensive or less complex.”

Through its partnership with the Department of Ecology and its commitment to environmental remediation, the Port of Everett has successfully removed tens of thousands of tons of contaminated soils from its properties — all inherited from more than a century of waterfront industrial use. The ongoing work represents a significant set of projects that restores the environment and economic health of Port lands.

Today, more than 66 percent of Port upland properties under cleanup action have received the equivalent of a clean bill of health from the Department of Ecology and economic revitalization has occurred or is now underway.