Waste Management

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Robust Site-Wide Recycling Program

A robust recycling program is incorporated into the daily operations at the Port with everything from recycled supplies to recycling stations at all facilities. The Port has more than 20 standard recycling stations that collect a variety of materials including aluminum, glass, paper and cardboard. Materials collected at each site vary depending on the needs associated with each location.

The Port also makes a conscious effort to recycle all used tires and use recycled materials for its construction projects when feasible. 

Marina Pumpouts

With operation of the largest public marina on the West Coast, it’s important that the Port of Everett does its part to promote and facilitate the proper disposal of waste.

With 10 pump-outs located throughout the Marina, commercial and recreational boaters can conveniently do just that and keep our waters clean.

Oil & Gas Disposal

Oil and gas products, including gasoline, diesel, and hydraulic fluids, are toxic to marine life, including fish, crab, and the local seals who frequent the marina. The Port of Everett maintains oil spill response trailers and disposal sites throughout its facilities, in each marina basin and at the Port of Everett Seaport facilities. Please note: The Central Marina oil disposal site is currently unavailable due to construction.

Port staff, including our Maintenance and Fuel Dock crews, are fully trained in spill response and reporting. If a spill occurs, the proper authorities are notified and a full-bodied response goes into effect, including the efforts of Port staff and maintenance crews.

Clean Air. Clean Land. Clean Water.