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Marina Slipholder Parking

Waterfront Parking Management Update
As of January 2021

As you may recall, the Port of Everett conducted a nationwide solicitation for parking management services in 2019 and selected LAZ Parking to take over its site-wide parking management program. LAZ replaced the Port’s 2019 interim parking management firm Diamond Parking effective June 1, 2020. LAZ Parking is a nationally renowned parking firm with extensive experience in parking services for large-scale destinations and events, and they bring opportunities to implement new technologies and efficiencies to deliver a quality waterfront parking program that better balances the parking needs of all site uses, including slipholders and marine uses, on-site commercial businesses and restaurants, waterfront visitors and special events.

While initial communications had indicated parking policy updates and new technologies were expected to be implemented in 2020, including license plate reader (LPR) technology, digital parking permits and visitor parking fees, given the COVID-19 pandemic all major updates to the program were pushed out for phased implementation in 2021.

The following parking update focuses on new slipholder parking information related to the new digital parking permit process and long-term parking. Our team is working to develop a separate mailer to be issued in the January 2021 timeframe to detail site-wide parking management changes for all the various site users. Check back here. 

Effective January 1, 2021, marina parking permits will transition to digital permits, and slipholders will no longer need to display permits on their vehicle(s) once they have registered for and transitioned to the new digital parking permit. Please note, your 2019/2020 hard copy permits will remain valid through April 2021 to allow ample time to make this transition. Slipholders will be issued up to two (2) digital parking permits per slip that will be managed via LAZ Parking’s License Plate Reader technology. If you have more than one vehicle, you will be able to add additional vehicle license plate numbers to your digital permit(s), but only one (1) vehicle per digital parking permit can be parked on site at any given time. Just as before, use of your parking permit(s) are limited to the marina basin in which your vessel is registered (South, Central or North Docks reserved parking), and if you are visiting another marina basin you will need to park in available visitor parking (any appliable time restriction or fees apply). With your permit, you may continue to park up to 72-hours at a time within your authorized parking area, see long term parking information for longer durations. If you have vessels in more than one marina basin an additional digital parking permit sign up will be needed for use of that parking area.

click here for step-by-step instructions to register for your new digital parking permit

click here to register for & manage your digital parking permit(s)

Please Note: If you had already provided license plate information to the Marina Office in 2020, you may already be registered for your permit. Marina slipholder digital parking permits are provided to slipholders registered on the moorage contract or dependents of the registerd slipholder who are living in the same household as the moorage contract holder. Your digital permit will automatically expire upon moorage termination and no action will be required of the slipholder.

If you intend to park at the marina while you are on a trip that extends past 72-hours, you are eligible to register for long-term parking. Slipholders are allowed long-term parking for 29-days in a calendar year in marina reserve parking areas, and may register four (4) separate times per year at no additional cost. This complimentary long-term parking slipholder benefit is in addition to the free 72-hour parking in your designated marina reserve parking area. If you have additional long-term parking intervals that extend past 29-days in a calendar year, you will need to park in the visitor parking as a long-term parker and pay applicable parking fee(s). We do this to assure everyone has access to the reserved parking that comes as a benefit of being a slipholder. The Port is exploring options to accommodate the needs of Hat Island and liveaboard permit holders.