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Slipholder Digital Parking Permit Registration Instructions

1. To start the process, gather all the information you need for the application. Required information includes vehicle license plate number(s), state of registration, make of vehicle(s), marina slip number, e-mail address associated with your marina account, and marina account number. We will also require a contact phone number to reach you if there is an issue with your permit(s) and/or vehicle(s). Please use a contact number you have access to when traveling on your vessel.

2. Visit the online portal at (Note: This link directs you to LAZ Parking’s Port of Everett webpage. Because this online parking portal is part of a nationwide system, you will see “Sign Up for Monthly Parking” at the top of the page; however, since you are signing up for your complimentary 2021 slipholder digital parking permit, the term “monthly parking” does not apply.)

3. Fill in the contact and vehicle information requested in the form blanks. Please note that the vehicle(s) registered will be verified before permit(s) are issued to confirm they are registered to the slipholder under contract or a dependent living in the same household.

4. Under “Select a Rate” click on the button that corresponds to your marina location in the South, Central or North Marina. Please note: this is a FREE parking permit as a benefit included with your moorage at no additional cost, but again, because this online parking portal is part of a nationwide system, we are limited to the types of fields we can use, so “Select a Rate” will not result in a charge to you.

5. Enter the date you plan to start parking. When in doubt, the program defaults to the current date. You need only change the start date if you are starting to park into the future. If you are signing up for moorage in the future, please enter the start date listed on your moorage agreement.

6. Using the “Comments” section please write in your slip number and marina account number. Please note: if you are a liveaboard or own property on Hat Island, add that information to the comments section to be contacted to receive further parking instructions and information on additional purchased parking endorsements.

7. You are almost done! To finish, click on “I Agree to the Terms and Conditions” after you have reviewed them and then click “Sign Up.” These terms and conditions are on a national level and are overarching rules. Once you complete the process, the Port will automatically receive your digital parking permit request and you will receive a confirmation e-mail that the submission was received.

8. Your digital parking permit(s) will be issued once the Marina Office has reviewed and verified the information provided. Within five (5) calendar days, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you either letting you know your license plate(s) has been registered as your digital permit and you are ready to park OR asking for additional information. Within the body of that e-mail, expanded information and instructions on rules regarding your permit will also be included.