Updates on Marina Parking - March 2021
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Effective March 17, 2021

Based on the collective feedback we have recently received from Marina slipholders, the Port of Everett, working with our parking operator LAZ Parking, has made a few adjustments to the Marina Parking Program. These updates make some of the recent communications on parking out of date. Below is a list of the modifications to take place, as well as clarification on a few components of the parking program.     

  • Effective May 1, the Port will be increasing its historic 72-hour parking limit to 96 hours. This means you will be able to park within your designated marina parking permit zone for up to 96 hours to make it more convenient to head out on an extended weekend boating trip without having to register for use of your long-term parking benefit. The signs in permit zones will be updated in the April timeframe.
  • We will be removing the limit on the number of times you can register to use your long-term parking benefit. Recent communications indicated slipholders could register up to four (4) times per calendar year to make use the allotted 29 long-term parking days provided per slip. Moving forward, each slip will maintain its full 29-days per calendar year that can be used for long-term parking, but you can use it as many times as you wish throughout the year in one day increments (until the 29-days runs out).
  • NOTE: The 29-days of long-term parking can be used to park longer durations, above and beyond the 96-hour parking limit in your designated marina permit parking zone (i.e. if you are planning a seven day trip, you will be able to park for the 96 hours and then use three days of your 29 day long-term parking days); no parking stay can exceed 29 days.
  • We have also opted not to implement the $35 fee for the liveaboard long-term parking endorsement. Liveaboards will still need to register for a long-term parking endorsement (at no cost) to allow parking on site for up to 29 days at a time to support their living arrangement. Two vehicles can be parked on site at one time per liveaboard slip.

We also would like to take this opportunity to clarify that each slip is still allowed to park two (2) permitted vehicles on site at any given time. We have had many questions on this, and we apologize if previous communications made this unclear. As a new benefit to digital parking permits, moorage holders can now provide license plate numbers for as many vehicles as they would like (so long as they the vehicle(s) are registered in their name or the name of a household dependent). Two of these registered vehicles can be parked within your designated marina parking permit zone at one time.  

REMINDER: If you haven’t already, please be sure to register for your digital parking permit(s) by May 1 and keep your previous years’ physical permit displayed until then to avoid being ticketed.


We appreciate those of you who have also reached out with questions regarding the upcoming changes to visitor parking, including the new pay-to-park program going into effect May 1 for visitors parking longer than the first two hours provided for free in visitor lots. While we understand that this may have an impact on the guests you invite out to enjoy time on your boat, we have reached a point where a sustainable and equitable parking program needs to be in place to support the various site uses that bring thousands of people (and vehicles) down to the waterfront every day.

In recent years, as the waterfront has evolved from an industrial waterfront to a mixed-use destination, boaters have regularly called out for effective parking management and enforcement measure to protect their marina permit parking and ensure they have a spot when coming down to access and use their boat, especially on high demand days where marina permit parking would often times be overrun by visitor parking. Parking management services are not inexpensive and implementing visitor parking fees is not a revenue generator for the Port. They simply provide a mechanism to help offset these costs, while also helping to balance use and demand of our limited waterfront parking footprint. We strongly encourage carpooling, rideshare and other alternative transportation options for guests that do not wish to pay the visitor parking rates.


If you have questions on parking, we encourage you to reach out to LAZ Parking at portparking@lazparking.com or (425) 322-4623. They are working around the clock to get all boaters set up with their new digital parking permits and they are happy to answer questions on all components of the parking program, including how to sign up for long-term parking for any upcoming boat trips.

Again, we want to thank you for your patience as we roll out these changes and gear up for another fun boating season!

Jeff Lindhout
Chief of Marina Operations
Port of Everett