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Port of Everett's Millwright District at Waterfront Place Preloaded for Road Construction

Date: Mar 24, 2023

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The Port of Everett’s Millwright District has been preloaded for future roadway construction. Port contractor Strider Construction finished importing about 33,000 cubic yards — or about 2,000 dump truck loads — of clean fill dirt known as “preload” in February.

The preload is mounded up where the future Millwright Loop Roads will be built on the 10-acre plot. The fill dirt compacts the site to prevent settlement after construction, and it also provides the additional material needed to mitigate for rising sea levels.
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Up to a foot of settlement is expected to occur over the next six months — although the preload could take anywhere from five to eight months to settle. The colored markers that can be seen in the roadway’s footprint are called wick drains and are used to expedite settlement.

Strider Construction’s work to this point has also included hardscape demolition, widening a trail, building temporary roads, and realignment of traffic flow and parking lots to support construction.

As preload settlement is underway, the Port will seek bids for the next phase of work, including construction of the roadways, the new Central Marina parking lots and Central Marina esplanade expansion, including build-out of two vistas along the walkway. Work will also include utility and stormwater improvements and grading to site elevation.

Millwright Loop North, South and Chamfer will be built to provide access and utilities around the development lots.

The expanded esplanade along the Central Marina bulkhead will allow for more waterfront access and connect pedestrians to the Pacific Rim Plaza and new "restaurant row" buildings at Fisherman's Harbor.

The Millwright District represents the largest mixed-use phase of Waterfront Place. The 10-acre site is situated between the Central and North Marinas.

In the future, the area will offer more amenities, including 60,000+ square feet of destination retail/restaurants, up to 200,000 sq. ft. of commercial office space, 250+ residential units and new public spaces.

Private development by Port partner LPC West is slated for 2023-2027.

For more information, contact Catherine Soper, Port of Everett Communications & Marketing Director at

About Waterfront Place

The Port of Everett’s Waterfront Place is a new 1.5 million square foot mixed-use development located on 65 acres at the waterfront near the downtown core in Everett, Washington. The development boasts spectacular views, waterfront access, recreational amenities, and a world-class marina – the largest public Marina on the West Coast – with 2,300 slips and 5,000 linear feet of guest moorage. At full build-out, the Waterfront Place mixed-use development will include 63,000 square feet (sf) of retail/restaurant space, another 20,000 sf of marine retail, 447,500 sf of office, two waterfront hotels, and up to 660 waterfront housing units. Featured amenities include new trails and regional parks together with public gathering spaces, a variety of fine and casual dining, local shops, and marine sales and services. The project’s expected $1 billion in public/private investment is estimated to support nearly 2,100 family-wage jobs and generate $8.6 million annually in state and local sales taxes. To date, the Port has facilitated more than $300 million in public/private investment here, with more to come.