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Port of Everett Awards Contract for Central Marina Improvements Phase 4, Final Phase of $30 Million Recapitalization Effort

Date: Jul 18, 2019
Everett, Wash. – On July 9, the Port of Everett Commission awarded a $3.37 million contract to American Construction Company for the fourth and final phase of Central Marina Improvements. This project completes the Port’s six-year, $30 million re-investment into the northeast corner of the Central Docks. 

The work, anticipated to start in August and wrap up in spring 2020, includes:

  • Reconstruction of the original Central G-dock built in the 1960s, including demolition and removal of all Port-owned boathouses at the dock
  • Consolidation of all remaining private boathouses to the east side of Central G-Dock and filling in the last stalls on the east side of Central I-Dock
  • Creation of 500-lineal feet of new side tie moorage on the west side of Central G-Dock
  • Maintenance dredging around Central G-Dock and in the area south of the recently completed Central L-Dock

“With our Marina infrastructure spanning a more than 50-year period of construction, maintenance and repair, we must continue to recapitalize our facilities to ensure the viability of this public asset into the future,” Port Commissioner Tom Stiger said. “As the Port continues to make the community vision of a recreational waterfront where people can live, work, play and thrive a top priority – the Port’s Marina facilities must continue to support this vision.”

The Port kicked off improvements in the northeast corner of the Central Docks in 2014, following completion of a multi-year, multi-million-dollar cleanup of the former Everett Shipyard site (see top image, pre-cleanup). To date, work has included removal of aging marine infrastructure, bulkhead reconstruction, dock demolitions, reconstructions and new builds including the recently completed Guest Dock 5 and Central K and L-Docks, maintenance dredging to improve navigability, utility and dock service improvements and public access enhancements.

The four-phase approach has allowed the Port to strategically time construction of key marine elements with upland development, including reconstruction of more than 1,200 lineal feet of bulkhead to support Fisherman’s Harbor – the first phase of development at Waterfront Place. Fisherman’s Harbor is home to the new 142-room Hotel Indigo, the coming 266 waterfront apartment homes being developed by SeaLevel Properties, new public access including Pacific Rim Plaza, and future restaurants.

Click here to view additional photos of the Central Marina transformation.

For more information, contact Catherine Soper, Port of Everett Public Affairs Manager at 425.388.0680 or by e-mail at


Central Marina Improvements – Phase 1   |   2014 – 2015

Total investment: $10 Million

  • Demolition and removal of aging marine infrastructure, including the old marine railway, 14th Street Travelift dock, Central L, M and N-Docks and hundreds of creosote pilings
  • Stormwater improvements
  • Removal and replacement of a segment of bulkhead
  • Dredging of more than 10,000 cubic yards of contaminated sediment
  • Realignment of Central Marina docks
  • Public access enhancements

Central Marina Improvements – Phase 2   |   2015 - 2016
Total investment: $6.5 Million

  • Demolition of Central I-Dock, O-Dock, and a portion of P-Dock
  • Construction of a new Central I-Dock and utility/service upgrades
  • Boathouse realignment with temporary and final relocations
  • East Marina bulkhead replacement - Segment C, approximately 450 linear feet of new bulkhead and adjacent interim public access path and railing system continuation 

Central Marina Improvements – Phase 3   |   2018 – 2019
Total investment: $8.8 Million

  • Construction of the new Central Guest Dock 5 and activity float at the base of the Fisherman’s Harbor project
  • Dredging the eastern portion of the Central Marina to its authorized depth
  • Construction of the new Central K-Dock for yacht-class vessels
  • Build Central L-Dock for the commercial fishing fleet

Central Marina Improvements – Phase 4   |   2019-2020
Total investment: $4.7 Million

  • Demolition and reconstruction of Central G-dock
  • Demolition and removal of all Port-owned boathouses
  • Consolidation of all private boathouses to the east sides of Central G and I-Docks
  • Creation of 500-lineal feet of new side tie moorage on the west side of Central G-Dock

NOTE: Investment numbers include all project costs (i.e. permitting, engineering, construction, staffing, applicable fees/taxes, etc.)