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Port of Everett Reaction to Kimberly-Clark Purchase and Sale Agreement

Date: May 23, 2019
Today’s announcement by Pacific Stevedoring and Glacier Fish does not change the Port administration’s intent to hold a public meeting on June 4 for our Port Commission to consider eminent domain on the vacant Kimberly-Clark property.

The Port administration can’t speak for our Commission; however, the administration is skeptical of the private party’s ability to put the site back into productive use, as evidenced by its lack of job creation with its lease. The Port has been consistent since the mill closed that our top priorities were to restore the jobs lost because of the mill closure, support maritime job growth on the site, and ensure the ongoing success of our international trade facilities and Naval Station Everett. Our priorities have not changed.

The investor group has not disclosed the identity of the investors, which calls into question whether foreign direct investment is involved, which could potentially prevent this transaction from moving forward. Further, the investor group has not demonstrated that the proposed use is allowable under current zoning codes for the site, as fish processing is explicitly prohibited.

The Port has a proven and reliable track record of putting former contaminated mill sites back into productive use with our patient capital; and our offer still stands to meet with the private party and discuss their proposed use, and how it may align with the Port’s public use of the property.