Millwright Loop Construction

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Millwright Loop Construction Status

TRAFFIC & PARKING MODIFICATIONS NOTICE: Please follow posted signs and detours; they are in place to ensure safe and efficient access when traveling in and around the site. Additional traffic and parking adjustments are expected as construction progresses. While there is never an ideal time to rearrange traffic flow and parking, this next step in Waterfront Place development is key to continuing to improve our Marina facilities and add exciting new attractions and amenities to the waterfront.

paving the way to the millwright district

In summer 2023, the Port of Everett kicked off a $13 million project to begin construction of infrastructure in the Millwright District — the second and largest phase of the Port's Waterfront Place mixed-use development.

The work, being performed by Interwest Construction Inc., is building the new Millwright Loop Road and connecting roadways and infrastructure, starting with relocation of existing preload material from the roadway footprint and placing it in future construction locations. Next up will be the installation of utilities, paving of roadways, esplanade expansion, including build-out of two new vistas overlooking the marina, and construction of two parking lots, new sidewalks, lighting and landscape features. This phase of work is expected to run through fall 2024.

While this work is underway, the Port's private development partner, LPC West, is preparing to break ground on the mixed-use elements, starting with residential, in 2024.

Work completed to date
Previous work to prepare for this phase of the project was prepared by Strider Construction and included  importing about 33,000 cubic yards — or about 2,000 dump truck loads — of clean fill dirt known as “preload" to compact the site to prevent settlement after construction and also provide the additional material needed to raise the site.

It also included hardscape demolition, widening a trail, building temporary roads, and realignment of traffic flow and parking lots to support construction.

Shuttle Service Now Available

In the coming phases of work, when parking is most impacted, the Port will continue to offer a golfcart shuttle service to get boaters and their gear to and from the temporary marina parking lots to the gatehouses. Extra load/unload stalls and extra dock carts for use have been added near the gatehouses.

Shuttle service runs Memorial Day weekend thru Labor Day weekend in 2023. It is anticipated to return next spring/summer 2024.

NEW! Gated Marina Parking

Given boater feedback, we have modified the plans to incorporate gates into the design of the new Central Marina slipholder parking lots, similar to what we have at the North Docks.


After Labor Day, the Central Marina restrooms and laundry will no longer be accessible. At that time, laundry amenities will be available at South and North Marina locations. The new Central restrooms and showers near Hotel Indigo will also be open for use.


Upgrades to the Marina Fuel Dock are also underway in the Millwright District. Port contractor American Construction Co. was hired to relocate and reconstruct the fuel dock. The work, to kick off next summer, represents the second phase of a two-part project to upgrade the aging dock facility. The first phase of the project is nearing completion now. Two new 30,000-gallon underground tanks — one for diesel, the other for gas — have been placed in the Central Marina parking lot. The new fuel lines will be installed next, followed by the removal of the existing gas and diesel tanks.

Dock fabrication will begin late summer 2023 with on-site work anticipated to begin in summer 2024. The scope of work includes the demolition of Central A- and B-Docks, construction of a new 500-foot dock east of the current location, and installation of two additional on-dock fuel dispensers. In its current location at Central A-Dock, strong currents create challenges when refueling at low tide. A new attendant building with a point-of-sale system and a new kiosk building with vending machines and a public restroom will also be constructed. The fuel dock will offer commercial and recreational pump-outs, which is key to keeping our waters clean. The existing fuel dock will remain open for the duration of the project. It will be demolished and removed once the new facility is operational.


The Millwright District is a 10-acre site, situated between the Central and North Marinas; it represents the largest mixed-use phase of Waterfront Place. In the future, the area will offer more amenities, including:

  • 60,000+ square feet of destination retail/restaurants
  • Up to 200,000 sq. ft. of commercial office space
  • 300+ residential units
  • New public spaces

Private development by Port partner LPC West is slated for 2023-2027.