Special Event Parking
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Special Event Parking

The Port of Everett waterfront is a destination striving to provide a diverse array of recreation, entertainment, and community events. During select special events, parking demand may require the Port or third-party event organizer to coordinate additional parking management resources and/or deploy additional event management protocols, including but not limited to traffic management services, event signage, or other related services such as protection of permit parking. Special Event Parking rates are intended to cover the cost of increased parking management and related expenses to support these events. They are also intended to incentivize carpooling or use of alternate transportation (i.e., public transit, ride share, biking, walking, etc.) as on-site parking is limited and designed to serve a variety of site uses. Those holding a special event may be required to pay a parking deposit against estimated parking costs.

Please note: Any special event taking place on Port property requires a port-issued Special Use Permit authorization and must adhere to the Port’s Special Use Permit Policies and Procedures, as well as any other conditions identified by the Port as part of event approval. The cost of parking management and enforcement may be passed on to the event organizer and/or its participants. In some cases, coordination of off-site parking and/or shuttle service is required.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Special Event Parking

Currently, the standard Special Event Parking rate is $5 for a maximum of four (4) hours. This rate may vary depending on event type or duration. Special Event Parking rates supersede standard Visitor Parking rates in identified lots. 
Special Event Parking may include all Visitor Parking zones site-wide, or only identified lots adjacent to the event venue depending upon event size and scope. The
Port makes every effort to estimate event parking demands such that on-site parking is not oversubscribed. Events that are anticipated to exceed parking demand require coordination of off-site parking.
A variety of convenient, cashless pay options for Visitor and Special Event Parking are available, including:

  • Web pay online (available at link below)
  • A nationwide mobile application “LAZgo”
  • Text-in options
  • Walk-up pay stations (four locations site wide)