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Bringing Seaports to the Classroom

For more than a decade, the Port of Everett has been bringing lessons about seaports and trade to local classrooms in the Port District. The Port started its school program in 2009, and in 2011, forged a unique partnership with Imagine Children’s Museum to facilitate the popular outreach effort.

To date, more than 12,000 4th graders at Everett area schools have been reached with curriculum that educates students on maritime commerce, logistics and jobs, and that also meets the State’s learning goals in geography and economics.

The education program provides 21st century skills using a fun, playful approach. A “Where in the World” tag challenge is among the interactive lessons students participate in. They identify where their clothing was made, find the country on a map, and consider how the item got to them. Students learn about imports and exports, and work in teams to complete a logistics activity that moves cargo such as airplane parts, windmill blades, and logs to and from the Port and its international trading ports.