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To be a trusted partner who creates value through strategic thinking, efficient processes, outstanding customer care, nurturing collaborative relationships, and fostering innovating purchasing solutions.

To serve, support, and collaborate with our customers to deliver innovative and timely solutions that create value, streamline processes, support the Port’s goals and initiatives and result in responsible stewardship of Port’s resources.

  • Teamwork: Working together with honesty, integrity, responsibility and accountability. 
  • Professional: Being receptive and using technical skills and knowledge to provide value to our customers. 
  • Responsive: Administering the procurement cycle in an accurate, timely and fair manner. 
  • Continuous Improvement: Investing in professional development, implementing best practices, and ensuring lessons learned are incorporated into processes and procedures.
  • Best Value: Purchasing the right product, with the right quality, at the right price, of the right quantity, at the right time, and from the right supplier.

Doing Business with the Port
The Port of Everett plays an important role in the creation of jobs in Snohomish County and Washington State. We rely on the services of qualified contractors, consultants, and suppliers from a variety of industries to conduct operations as well as maintain and upgrade our facilities. The Port’s goal is to receive the best quality products and services at the best value.

Opportunities Include:
  • Goods: Materials, supplies and equipment
  • Public Works: Small and major construction projects
  • Personal Services: General consulting and related services
  • Purchased Services: Routine maintenance and facility services
  • Professional Services: Architectural, engineering and surveying services

For solicitations between $50,000 - $350,000, the Port typically solicits qualifications, proposals and bids using small works, consultant and supplier rosters. All contractors, consultants and suppliers wishing to do business with the Port of Everett are encouraged to join the appropriate roster or vendor list which is hosted by the Municipal Research and Service Center at Be sure to include the Port of Everett in your portfolio!

Job Order Contracting (JOC)
The Port has two on-call public works contracts also known as Job Order Contracts (JOC). These contracts are with Burton Construction (BCI) and FORMA Construction.  Each contract requires 90% utilization of subcontractors. Below is each contractor’s contact information if you are interested in applying to be considered for their subcontractor list.  

Burton Construction Incorporated (BCI)
Jim Anderson, JOC Program Manager
(509) 468-4932 |

Forma Construction
Rob Wettleson, Project Manager
206.719.6721 |


Bid Opportunities
The Port uses the e-procurement platform Bonfire to host all competitively solicited Request for Bids, Request for Proposals, Request for Information, Request for Qualifications and Request for Quotes.  

Solicitations under $350,000 are typically sent through the Bonfire system to the contractors, consultants and supplies on our rosters and will appear under the “My Solicitations” tab on the Bonfire Portal for those invited to participate.  Note that these solicitations will not be visible to the general public. 

Current solicitations can be found at

Competitive Bid Thresholds

  Threshold    Goods/Equipment   Services   Construction 
  Direct Buy   $0-$10,000   $0-$50,000   $0-40,000
  Informal Solicitation    $10,001-$350,000   $50,001-$350,000   $40,001-$350,000
  Formal Solicitation    $350,001+   $350,001+   $350,001+

Direct Buy (Non-Competitive) — The Port may contract directly with a qualified supplier or consultant without soliciting quotes from other sources.

Informal Competition — The Port typically solicits quotes, qualifications, proposals or bids from several suppliers, consultants or contractors. Advertisements are typically emailed directly to the firms.

Formal Competition — The Port advertises Request for Bids, Request for Proposals or Request for Qualifications in the Everett Herald, Daily Journal of Commerce, and in some cases, appropriate trade publications.

In accordance with RCW 53.08.440, the Port of Everett maintains a database of current contracts which can be found at   

Interlocal Agreements
Interlocal agreements are agreements between two government entities established under RCW 39.34.  The Port’s current interlocal agreements can be found on Bonfire at  Key word search: interlocal  

Surplus items currently available for sale can be found at our online auction site:,wa/browse/home

Community members wishing to donate items to the Port must complete a Donation Form and submit it to The Donation Form will be reviewed by staff to determine if the Port can accept the donation request.  – see quick links