Economic Value

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Strengthening Our Economy & Supporting Thousands of Jobs

The Port of Everett contributes to the economic growth and well-being of Snohomish County and Washington state. According to an independent 2019 Martin Associates economic impact report, in 2019 the Port of Everett supported the following economic impacts in the local and state economies:

  • 39,225 total direct, induced and indirect jobs
  • A total of $4.7 billion of total wages and salaries and local consumption expenditures are created in the local and regional economy by the activity at the Port of Everett
  • Local businesses received $4.9 billion of revenue
  • A total of $659 million of local purchases were made due to the Port activity, which supported the indirect jobs
  • Port of Everett cargo, marina and tenant activity supported $433.4 million of state and local tax revenue
Port activities directly influenced business in five major areas:
  • Surface transportation: railroad and trucking industries
  • Maritime service: marine cargo transportation, vessel operations, cargo handling, long haul barge operators, and government agencies at the local, state and federal level
  • Non-maritime tenants: businesses, such as construction and food services, that lease Port land
  • Marina services for recreation and boating activities
  • Outside consulting service
  • Port of Everett employees


The Port of Everett is the 2nd largest port in the state based on dollars of economic output. The Port’s customs district supports anywhere between $21 billion and $30 billion in U.S. exports annually; and historically ranks among the 5th largest export port by value on the U.S. West Coast. Its imports were $4 billion in 2018. Sixty percent (60%) of all jobs in Snohomish County are tied to trade.

the port & aerospace 
The Port, which is the third largest container port in the Washington state, is an integral part of the regional aerospace logistics supply chain. The Port of Everett handles all of the oversized aerospace parts of the 747, 767 (commercial and military), 777 and 777X airplane programs; and serves as a backup to the 787. Further, the 24/7 deep-water access was a key factor in the ultimate siting of the 777X program in Everett. To continue to support the aerospace industry, and other trade sectors, the Port is investing nearly $60 million into its
Seaport, with plans of nearly $140 million more over the next 10 years.

Strengthening Our Economy. Creating Jobs.