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Fisherman's Harbor

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A 12-acre year-round hub of activity that uses contemporary materials and cleverly designed open spaces and metropolitan building designs to convey Everett’s history of railroads, timber, commercial fishing, and boat building. This provides residents an enviable and quintessential Northwest living setting.

Craftsman District

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The featured building within this location is Waterfront Center, which doubles as a transit center for the Everett Transit system and provides a home for marine shops on its east facing facade, and retail, restaurants, educational facilities, and offices as well as retail production on the west facing sides. Other buildings include a marine retail building on the West Marine View Drive frontage, the Marina maintenance operations center and boat wash facilities, boater storage lockers, and marina retail and services. The remaining area serves as a boat repair yard providing extensive environmental controls on runoff to keep potential hazardous materials out of the Puget Sound.

Within the Waterfront Center visitors can locate a timeline depicting the colorful history of the Port’s nearly 100-year heritage; shelter while waiting for transit; or relax in sidewalk cafes or lobby seating areas.

Millwright District

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The nearly 10-acre Millwright District speaks directly to the history of the development area once filled with bustling lumber and shingle mills from years past. This District is devoted to employment with an interesting commercial street space supported by office and residential space above. It is a place serving as a hub of small and large business commercial activity within its 8 buildings and where residential communities find higher ground to enjoy views. Several key public amenities cross connect the Central Pier at this District, including Timberman Trails, which is Everett’s version of Seattle’s Harbor Steps, and the Champfer Woornerf, a festival-oriented street.

The Esplanade

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This District is defined by its primary use: a long walk or bike ride wrapping around the water’s edge. The Esplanade commences at 14th Street and Pacific Rim Plaza in Fisherman’s Harbor and continues around the Central Dock to the Craftsman District. It ties in on both ends to the Port’s larger trail system, making up the Port’s 4.5 mile Waterfront Place trail. The Esplanade is a 15-foot-wide continuous multi-use pedestrian path network that creates safe and continuous access around and through Waterfront Place Central. An additional 10-foot section is used to transition to upland landscape and buildings.

Wharfs Edge

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Wharf’s Edge is the project’s primary focus area for residential uses. Buildings here range from 35 to 65 feet and provide opportunities to develop 212 housing units, including townhomes, live/work lofts and/or luxury apartments. Ground floor, corner retail and mid-block services are anticipated to front the marina on parcels B6 and B7 facing to the north and south and along Champfer Street to the east. Amenities and improvements planned for the Port of Everett’s site will produce significant demand for this highly desirable neighborhood with spectacular views and recreation access.

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