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Port of Everett Now Soliciting Bids for Two Commercial Buildings at Fisherman's Harbor

Date: Aug 3, 2021
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The Port of Everett is soliciting construction bids for the next phase of commercial development at Fisherman’s Harbor – the first development district within the Port’s 1.5 million square foot Waterfront Place mixed-use development. This phase of work builds out approximately 8,600 square feet of commercial restaurant and office space, as well as public restrooms and open space. Parcel A8 will house the new Asian-inspired Fisherman Jack’s restaurant and the new South Fork Bakery along with expansive outdoor patio space. Parcel A17 construction will develop a multi-purpose building to house Everett based offices for Bellingham Yachts, Freedom Boat Club and Waterline Boats, combined with public restrooms and gathering space for visitors. 

Click here to view the request for bids.